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Memorable day at the Lake

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Lake of Menteith opened today and what a great day it was.  Perfect weather, a well turned out fishery and well behaved rainbows.   Not always that you can say well behaved about the resident trout at the lake, there will without doubt be days this coming season when I will be cursing them.

Lake of Menteith opening day 2011

Fished with Kenny Sichi and we spent most of the time at Lochend and the Butts almost any method and fly worked white cats, buzzers, daiwl bachs, crunchers et al you name it and the fish were happy.  There were fish feeding to buzzers until a cool easterly breeze picked up.  We fished catch and release and reckon that we caught in excess of 30 up to about 3lb and thats not counting the jack pike, or even the pike that bit our flies off.  OK so they were stockies but it was a great way to start the season at the Lake.

Ronny Orr's Cafe at Lochend Bay

Tomorrow is Glasgow Casting Club so more fishy things still to come this weekend.

Photos I hate

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I went to the Tay for a day at the salmon, Glendelvine was the beat and weather was good air temperature of around 12 degrees and water a surprising 5 degrees.  Surprising because the weather has been superb all week with temperatures in the teens and yet the river level was 2ft 6 inches above normal summer level and steady.  The water has come from snow melt so I thought it might have been a bit colder.   The Tay amazes me in how clear it runs you can see every stone in 6 ft of water.  Anyway to high for fly and I do not posses a spinning rod my son Matthew has nicked them.   I saw fish but did not connect to any it was a great day by the river practicing my casting.  Lots of signs of spring arriving with birds pairing, oyster catchers and mallard, even watched a bumble bee enjoying the sun a buff tailed bumblebee and a queen at that.

Now for the photos I have been to a couple of GAIA casting days recently the last was last weekend on the Welsh Dee at Llangollen.  Someone always manages a few photos ( John Symonds was the photographer) and like most people I do not think that  I photograph well, I even dislike the sound of my recorded voice.

Trying to balance on a shooting stick!

I'm sure that they were taking the piss!

Ok loop rubbish anchor they said obvious I need to practice

So I am looking forward to the Lake of Menteith opening day tomorrow we normally manage a few fish  so here’s hoping.

Flies that float!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I have had a couple of days fishing for rainbows. Day one was the annual Glasgow and District competition and my boat partner was Paul Wilson from the Hamilton and Blantyre Club and day two was the West of Scotland v the Western Club annual event my boat partner was Donald Cameron.  Both events were at The Lake in similar conditions cloud, heavy rain, sunny periods and south westerly wind, typical August in Scotland.

I did not cover myself in glory my partners caught more especially Paul, eight to my one although I had a number of licks that I should have hooked but it was not to be.  Why is it that you can sit 6ft away from someone, use the same lines, flies retrieve etc and still not catch fish.  It must be confidence and the fish know it or as I am certain Paul had sex that morning although he denied it.

Donald Cameron and I had fished together before and this time I planned to fish the dry fly and stick with it so on went on a size 12 cdc emerger and a foam beetle with rubber legs. We both caught fish Donald four to my three.

What I realised during the day was how hard work cdc is drying it with amadou, dipping it in crystals and still it’s only good for a couple of dozen casts before it is lost under the waves.  Foam however is a different material requires hardly any attention even after a good chewing by a fish a quick squeeze and you are back in action, rubber legs also seem to help attract fish.  I was first introduced to foam in New Zealand with cicadas.  Hair is also more durable than cdc again a squeeze some gink and off you go.  Most of my hair flies are made from coastal deer hair or mink tail guard hairs.

Back to Fishing

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Well thats it Piping Live! over for another year.  Thats how I earn my living being involved in the National Piping Centre of Scotland and running Glasgow International Piping Festival aka Piping Live!  A mad week of piping when pipers from all over the world descend on us to play the pipes some 30,000 attend the festival annually Piping Live! 2010

Now maybe I can go fishing.  I have not been too active fishing of late but I have been to the Clyde to look for Mullet.  I went to the Black Cart just above where it enters the White Cart and then the Clyde.  I have had no success but I did manage to see a shoal and a few salmon.  This is a picture of the weir below the bridge where I had hoped to see fish the closest that I got was a shoal coming over the weir.

Black Cart Renfrew

What next well I have a couple of days booked on the Lake of Menteith and I have high hopes that the heather fly will be around and I can try my new foam pattern.

The Glasgow Casting Club is still doing well and is meeting every Thursday we are planning to welcome the British Fly Casting Club to Scotland in September 2011.

The Lake opening day 20th March

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Stewart Marshall

Opening day at the Lake  fantastic weather a few trout along with a number of jack pike.  Two weeks earlier the Lake was frozen without a s boat in the water, Quint moved mountains to get the fishery in good order and the weather was kind warm and no ice in the water.  Neil McCarry and I fished together.

Quints opening address!

We were all played a float by Stewart Marshall excellant piper and also talented fisherman.  Quint gave a welcoming address and a very talented young lady whose name escaped me sang for us and very good it was too.  As we were sat waiting to go fishing trout could be seen rising and there were chironomids in the air. 

My first video clip with Neil requesting coffee, this is neat. Neil and I set off for Lochend and when we arrived fish were rising  close by Toad Hole and the reeds.

Back to the fishing I was using a slow glass with a Kevins Cat on the point a double, a cormorant on the middle dropper and a cat booby on the top dropper.  First fish was a jack pike on the point, then another and then another eventually I caught a nice trout, Neil did well he had 4 fish on various flies and a Di 3 line, he may also have had a pike as he was brocken .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Ben Lomond from Lochend

We had a great day Kenny Miller had a better day and caught a barrow load with buzzers.  I really need to tidy my fly boxes for a tyer they are a disgrace.

Dr Neil McCarry