Flies that float!

I have had a couple of days fishing for rainbows. Day one was the annual Glasgow and District competition and my boat partner was Paul Wilson from the Hamilton and Blantyre Club and day two was the West of Scotland v the Western Club annual event my boat partner was Donald Cameron.  Both events were at The Lake in similar conditions cloud, heavy rain, sunny periods and south westerly wind, typical August in Scotland.

I did not cover myself in glory my partners caught more especially Paul, eight to my one although I had a number of licks that I should have hooked but it was not to be.  Why is it that you can sit 6ft away from someone, use the same lines, flies retrieve etc and still not catch fish.  It must be confidence and the fish know it or as I am certain Paul had sex that morning although he denied it.

Donald Cameron and I had fished together before and this time I planned to fish the dry fly and stick with it so on went on a size 12 cdc emerger and a foam beetle with rubber legs. We both caught fish Donald four to my three.

What I realised during the day was how hard work cdc is drying it with amadou, dipping it in crystals and still it’s only good for a couple of dozen casts before it is lost under the waves.  Foam however is a different material requires hardly any attention even after a good chewing by a fish a quick squeeze and you are back in action, rubber legs also seem to help attract fish.  I was first introduced to foam in New Zealand with cicadas.  Hair is also more durable than cdc again a squeeze some gink and off you go.  Most of my hair flies are made from coastal deer hair or mink tail guard hairs.

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