Photos I hate

I went to the Tay for a day at the salmon, Glendelvine was the beat and weather was good air temperature of around 12 degrees and water a surprising 5 degrees.  Surprising because the weather has been superb all week with temperatures in the teens and yet the river level was 2ft 6 inches above normal summer level and steady.  The water has come from snow melt so I thought it might have been a bit colder.   The Tay amazes me in how clear it runs you can see every stone in 6 ft of water.  Anyway to high for fly and I do not posses a spinning rod my son Matthew has nicked them.   I saw fish but did not connect to any it was a great day by the river practicing my casting.  Lots of signs of spring arriving with birds pairing, oyster catchers and mallard, even watched a bumble bee enjoying the sun a buff tailed bumblebee and a queen at that.

Now for the photos I have been to a couple of GAIA casting days recently the last was last weekend on the Welsh Dee at Llangollen.  Someone always manages a few photos ( John Symonds was the photographer) and like most people I do not think that  I photograph well, I even dislike the sound of my recorded voice.

Trying to balance on a shooting stick!
I'm sure that they were taking the piss!
Ok loop rubbish anchor they said obvious I need to practice

So I am looking forward to the Lake of Menteith opening day tomorrow we normally manage a few fish  so here’s hoping.

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