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Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

This season I rejoined Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association.  I was a member some 20 years ago and kept a boat on the loch and would fish for salmon and sea trout with a fly.  Very good it was, with my biggest fly caught salmon from the Loch of some 13lb from the Hen Isle and best sea trout of 7lb from the east end of Inchlonaig, Island of the Yew Trees.  I can even remember the fly that caught the sea trout it was a silver invicta double on the point.

I then drifted away, and  even when I moved close to the Endrick a Loch Lomond feeder and also a good spate river some 10 years ago failed to renew my membership.  This year I took the plunge partly due to the fact that the association had declared an amnesty on joining fees for lapsed members but mainly due to the Endrick being some 5 minutes away.  There are also other possibilities that I plan to try,  pike and grey mullet.  I can now fish for grey mullet at the mouth of the river Leven  by Dunbarton Rock without fear of being apprehended by the bailiffs, but I have yet to try this on a Sunday! not sure how that would work.

Bridge pool River Endrick

The Leven itself a good salmon river but very urban having said that there are places which are pleasant to fish and as an early riser if I get down there early I have at least a few hours to my self before the bait fisherman materialise. Nothing wrong with bait fishing I just prefer a fly.  So far other rods that  I have met have been sociable friendly and very helpful.   It also has some great stretches where the fly fishes beautifully, my  favourite so far has to be the “Piles” a superb piece of fly water.


The loch itself is well worth ago and I have a day planned in the next week or so and will report what success if any we have.  The last time I was there my son caught a 30lb plus pike which was memorable.

Pots of Gartness River Endrick

The river Endrick is entirely fly only but does depend on water the trick is to get down before the water starts to fall.  Personally I keep a daily check on the SEPA web site and am prepared to go at short notice when the river starts to fall.  Sea liced fish can and have been caught  this season.  Its going to rain tonight and I am planning to go for an early morning session before work.  I will also get some photos of the river and post them here.

Scott Kidd caught Endrick grilse 18th August 2012

Caught by Scott first fly caught salmon, but my fly now retailing to him at £5 each.

Sand Smelts, Sprats Really

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

We were walking on the Black Cart,  Abercorn AC water again yesterday looking for Mullet, we being Matthew and I.  This is the second attempt to find the fish we arrived at 1pm this was about 2 hours after high tide and we stood and waited and then waited a bit more but no sign of these grey shadows.   Eventually at about 3.30, I think that was about 2 hours before low tide Alec Lawrie looking from the bridge spotted what he thought was mullet but we failed to see them.  We did find however shoals of what I later thought were sand smelts but on checking with SEPA they believed them to be sprats. The water was boiling with them and when you got close you could seem them flashing under the water surface, hundreds/thousands of them.

The water alive with sprats

This is what SEPA had to say;

“I have shown it to our fish expert and he says that they are definitely sprat.  Apparently they occasionally like to swim up-stream to feed in the brackish waters and I notice that we are just coming into quite high spring tides so it is possible that they are following the saltwater up into the inner Clyde & its tributaries.”

Not my dirty hand, but my sprat

As for the Mullet conditions were not good for spotting with lack of sunshine and a strong breeze.  We will be back again!

Back to Fishing

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Well thats it Piping Live! over for another year.  Thats how I earn my living being involved in the National Piping Centre of Scotland and running Glasgow International Piping Festival aka Piping Live!  A mad week of piping when pipers from all over the world descend on us to play the pipes some 30,000 attend the festival annually Piping Live! 2010

Now maybe I can go fishing.  I have not been too active fishing of late but I have been to the Clyde to look for Mullet.  I went to the Black Cart just above where it enters the White Cart and then the Clyde.  I have had no success but I did manage to see a shoal and a few salmon.  This is a picture of the weir below the bridge where I had hoped to see fish the closest that I got was a shoal coming over the weir.

Black Cart Renfrew

What next well I have a couple of days booked on the Lake of Menteith and I have high hopes that the heather fly will be around and I can try my new foam pattern.

The Glasgow Casting Club is still doing well and is meeting every Thursday we are planning to welcome the British Fly Casting Club to Scotland in September 2011.

Mullet on the Bann

Friday, June 18th, 2010

I had the very good fortune to spend a day on the Bann estuary at the beginning of June in the company of Leslie Holmes and Mark Patterson both GAIA instructors.  It was Leslie’s boat and we met in Colraine boat moorings at 9am shortly after high tide.

The plan was to follow the tide out and locate fish on the  shallow sand banks.  I had no idea what to expect.  The tackle was heavy reservoir tackle #8 with bags of backing, the fish are in shallow water and when hooked just ran for the deeps.  Flies were small salmon flies on long shank trebles size 14 and 16.  Arndilly Fancy and Bann Shrimps were the favoured patterns.

Flats Fishing

We patrolled the shore line and when we saw fish pulled the boat ashore and cast to them.  The retrieve was to let the fly sink and figure of eight it back making the sand puff up with each pull.

Conditions were bright with a northerly wind not ideal for this estuary. We did see fish shoals of them grey shadows moving across the sand as the boat approached and I did manage to get a fish to take but it was on and off in a flash.

What next? Well I did feel the power of the fish and they strike me as an ideal target species in the summer months when the rivers are low and salmon are just not around.  They seem to flourish in hot still conditions with bright sunshine.  The Clyde does have them and after research have discovered that they are present in numbers around Erskine harbour and the Black Cart so that’s where I plan to try.

If in Ireland contact Leslie for a day as a guide, he also has a very good rainbow fishery Stone Falls where I managed to finish the day with a 3-4lb fish.