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Orvis Endorsed Guide

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Delighted to say that as of the 1st May I am now an Orvis Endorsed Guide  with the Orvis Company.  This is a company that I have always admired for its quality of product and speed of service.  I am more than happy to be part of this organisation in the UK.

GAIA Scottish Open Day

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The Game Angling Instructors Association are running assessments for its members at Angling Active on the Teith on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd April.  The 22nd is open to non members who have an interested in becoming  instructors or simply want find out more about what GAIA does. Details can be located here.

BFCC and Glasgow Casting Club event

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

The Bristish Fly Casting Club  contacted us over a year ago now and asked if we could assist in organising a Scottish day well it happened today in Glasgow.  About 30 of us gathered in Pollok Park on a bleak September day in the pouring rain but despite the rain we all had a great day.  Mike Marshall organised the event and Mike Heritage, John Reynolds, Rodger Miles and Tracey Thomas gave up of their time, traveled from the deep south by road and air and proceeded to share their expertise with us.

Brian pushing his 5 weight

What experts they were the leading light of BFCC, Mike Marshall, and FFF Master Mike Heritage, along with GAIA members Roger and John so much quality in one place. Group lessons were arranged for those who wanted them followed by competitions which were great fun.


I was delighted to see the enthusiasm of some of our Glasgow boys the young bucks were taking to distance casting like ducks to water.  I must make special mention of Willie McGuire and Malcolm Prescot who won trophies.  Full results will be posted on the BFCC web site in the next few days, please do not ask how I got on all I know is that I need to do a great deal of practice before next year, yes the date is fixed for the 9th September 2012 and as this year places will be restricted so book early through me or Mike Marshall.


Pollok Park in the rain


On a final note Mike Marshall celebrated his 75 birthday earlier this year and one of the competitions the BFCC run is for a  T120 Double Handed Fly Distance  (Any rod up to 17’ (5.2m). Any shooting head line 120gm max)  they looked like carp rods with an extension.  Mike on the day won by a mile somewhere in the region of 212 ft.  We watched as he prepared a very slow and beautifully prepared false cast and then he let go it was effortless and from where we stood we could tell it was a long one as the guys marking  had to run backwards, thanks Mike for showing us that it really is down to technique.

Autumn Spey Casting Course

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Ken Muter APGAI a Hardy Academy member and I run an annual spey casting course.  This years course is on the Tay at Newtyle.  We always have a great time and this year if we get rain we should get some great fishing.  Details are to be found here .  I am never sure why we do these days as we will never get rich doing them, I guess that we do them because we enjoy the instructing and especially when things go right and it is an excuse to be on the river bank.

Odd thoughts!

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Just been to a GAIA weekend in Llangollen on the banks of the Welsh Dee, great location, great weather and company.  We were there to make our casting qualifications much more objective so that assessors were all singing from the same hymn sheet.  We achieved all that and more it was a great learning experience.  I now know that it has been a long winter and that I need to get practicing with me casting at present I am miles off the mark.  still the lads were gentle with me.

An unlikely group!

An unlikely group!

Four hours driving each way gave me bags of time to think, its amazing what you think about alone in a car, bills that I need to pay, what’s Susie bought for dinner, has she missed me?

I did focus on other issues what were the first rods that I bought.   Well I can recall my parents taking me into a tackle shop in the Shambles in Worcester and buying me a rod.  It was a solid glass coarse rod but it served me well to start with then eventually I got hold of a very smart Millward Float Rover which I still have, possibly 50 years later.

Fly rods then caught my eye, Woolworths at the time sold tackle and my first fly rod was a Japanese made split cane rod it did the job and got me going.  Fly rods then followed thick and fast Sealey Glane fibre glass,  Richard Walker Superlite a great rod and fibre glass.  Sea Trout next and Falkus recommended you use a Bruce and Walker New Era.  These rods cost pennies by comparison to the rods I have today Orvis Helios, Sage XP and Loomis cost hundreds by comparison.  Nice to own but they do not help me catch more fish or indeed cast better!