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A day at Lanrick

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

The other day I had the pleasure of a days salmon fishing on the famed Lanrick beat of the River Teith. Lanrick is just upstream of   Deanston famous for its distillery.  The Teith itself is a great salmon and sea trout river with the added bonus of being just 40 mins from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Lanrick is some 3.5 miles long with approximately 1.5 miles of double bank.  It reminds me very much of a highland river, shallow for most part and easy to  fish at most times of the year with a floating or slow sinking line. Lanrick is in two parts Upper and Lower beats.  The lower beat is marked by a famous cauld pool called simply the “Pool” at its bottom limit .  This pool must act as a barrier and slow down the movement of fish in very low temperatures and water conditions.

The "Pool"

I shared the beat with another rod and only managed to fish a limited number of pools.  The “Pool”  and “Gravel Bank”  are two fantastic pools, in fact I am not doing the place justice as all the pools that I fished that day were great pieces of fly water.  The river also has a reputation for big fish, my second largest some 21lb was taken off the Teith albeit further up stream.  If my memory serves me right I recollect a fish close to 40lb being taken off Lanrick a few years back.

Gravel Bank

I wish that I could report that I had caught fish but sadly no salmon, I did however catch a superb brown trout of approximately 2lb from the “Garden Pool” which set my pulse racing for an initial second or two.  A down side is that whilst in the fishing hut I noticed a sign that read they practiced total catch and release which I totally support.  It then went on to say that any Grayling caught should be killed which is a bit of an archaic view towards our fourth natural game fish.  In this day and age we should value all our game fish.  If you want a days fishing close to Glasgow and Edinburgh I would strongly recommend Lanrick.


Fishing in Lilliput

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Arthur Ransome in his great wee book “Rod  and Line” published in 1929 describes north country fishing on small streams in detail “Fishing in Lilliput”.  Yesterday I had a few hours fishing on a tiny trout stream in Scotland with my son.  I enjoyed every bit of my afternoon apart from the midge attack!

The Cliff Pool

The water was good after a week of sunshine and heavy showers. These small stream fish are not choosy and as long as they are not spooked will take most food items choice of fly does not matter. The secret is not to spook them and to plan your attack this is jungle war fair.

Gem of a Trout


Where and what  is the best approach, the best place to stand and the best angle to cast from.  I struggled to get Matthew to approach correctly with a short line and then the father son relationship came into play.  “Do not laugh at me” he was saying I was only trying to get him to think the process through and not laughing at him but with him as he struggled with branches, thistles and brambles. Eventually he settled into the task at hand and caught some nice little trout nothing big but respectable enough in a stream where 8 inches would be a good fish.


Will we go back you bet  we will to pit our wits against the trout and undergrowth and hopefully improve the father son bit!

Concentration and Matthew

Missed opportunities in the Trossachs

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

A fishing  associate Roger Drapper,  past President of the Western Angling Club has recently got me thinking. (incidentally in 2010 I was the president of the West of Scotland Angling Club and annually the 2 clubs get together for a competition at the Lake of Menteith, the WOS normally win of course).  Roger has  launched a new web site for James Bayne a fishing tackle shop in Callander a must stop shop for anglers to the Trossachs.

Trossach fishing has a lot to offer with great lochs and rivers and the ability to fish for salmon, sea trout, brown and rainbow trout and now grayling a recent introduction to the Forth and Clyde.  Now why is this a missed opportunity you may ask well a few years I registered and forgot that I had it so I really now plan to get it resurrected.  Thanks Roger for reminding me.

West of Scotland AC Outing September 2010

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

I am the president of the West of Scotland AC for 2010, the second oldest angling club in Scotland some 175 plus years.  Our outing results over this period make interesting reading trips to the Clyde and Trossachs which took 3 days from Glasgow, 200 fish caught average weight 2oz how times have changed.  As the president I get to arrange an outing, traditionally these outings go north to Sutherland, Orkney and Uist.  I decided to go south to Rutland, Grafham and Pitsford.  Just 10% of our membership agreed to go, that’s 4 of us, Graham Lang, Hector MacLennan, Charlie Sleigh and myself.

Rutland Water on the 27th

The day dawned as damp, raining with a forecast that was to improve in the afternoon.  We stood at the dock and it was impossible to see Lax Hill or even the sailing club.  We set off up the south arm heading for Old Hall, Graham and Hector together and  Charlie with me we had agreed to return to the lodge for lunch. Not much action at first  but around lunch time there was a hatch of olives, only a few flotillas sailing by but it was enough for a few trout to appear.  F fly did the trick for me and I caught a nice brown, Hector had another and Graham caught a rainbow in the tail I think.  We briefly tried Manton Bay and Browns Island before going back to the lodge for lunch and some beers.

Part of the club ethos was social angling so it was sometime before we went out again by which time the weather had improved.

After lunch we chose a drift along the shore from Normanton Bank to Normanton Church just before the Church I caught a quality rainbow of about 3lb on a red holographic cormorant. Great wave and good conditions until we left.

Graham with a tipple!

Charles and Hector and a "Rusty Nail"

Grafham Water 28th

We had heard the news a killer shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus had invaded Grafham and there were bio-security measures their drogues and nets only and all equipment to be hosed down.       We saw the shrimp it looked harmless enough about the size of our fresh water shrimp and looked similar.  There was an aquarium in the lodge with some in.  My guess is that they are already in other local waters so lets wait and see.

Back to fishing another dull day, this time no rain, warmer and absolutely no wind.  I was fishing with Graham and we went straight across to Farm Bay.  Nymphs and a SSI line were my chosen method, Daiwl Bach, Orange Buzzer and Grey Boy were the flies.  We both caught fish before lunch, all the flies on my cast worked.

Great lodges at both Grafham and Rutland and we enjoyed coming off the water and lunching in style, soup and beer I think!

The afternoon past quickly and whilst we caught fish nothing special to comment on.

Pitsford 29th

Wednesday forecast was to be the worst high winds and rain.  None of us had been to Pitsford before but we had heard good things.  There is a tunnel which you have to negotiate to take you from the moorings to the main basin Hector did a great job on the engine.  We were going to the dam wall and planned to fish there and along by the sailing club.  I was going to use a floating fry it was the suspender style about three inches long I had never tried one before.  Second cast and guess what up comes a trout and sucks it down on for a few seconds and then off, I was addicted!

Hector the Engineer at Pitsford

I stuck to my dry fly whilst Hector hammered them on an orange blob conditions were good and I rose other fish but non connected.  Eventually when the rain came I succumbed and changed to pulling flies the blob worked and so did the Turks Tarantula I am pleased also to report that Charles and Graham caught a bag full.

A 2lb Pitsford Brown with a tail

We stayed at the Benefield Hotel in the village of Benefield close to Oundle a very comfortable place where they welcomed a trade of fish for drinks.

All in all we had a great time even the weather did not get us down, good company food and hospitality in conjunction with good fishing everyone in the party caught fish.   Would we do it again? I guess so.