Fishing in Lilliput

Arthur Ransome in his great wee book “Rod  and Line” published in 1929 describes north country fishing on small streams in detail “Fishing in Lilliput”.  Yesterday I had a few hours fishing on a tiny trout stream in Scotland with my son.  I enjoyed every bit of my afternoon apart from the midge attack!

The Cliff Pool

The water was good after a week of sunshine and heavy showers. These small stream fish are not choosy and as long as they are not spooked will take most food items choice of fly does not matter. The secret is not to spook them and to plan your attack this is jungle war fair.

Gem of a Trout


Where and what  is the best approach, the best place to stand and the best angle to cast from.  I struggled to get Matthew to approach correctly with a short line and then the father son relationship came into play.  “Do not laugh at me” he was saying I was only trying to get him to think the process through and not laughing at him but with him as he struggled with branches, thistles and brambles. Eventually he settled into the task at hand and caught some nice little trout nothing big but respectable enough in a stream where 8 inches would be a good fish.


Will we go back you bet  we will to pit our wits against the trout and undergrowth and hopefully improve the father son bit!

Concentration and Matthew

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  1. Hi Alberto
    Brilliant! Since we met up on the Clyde I have found a wee stream locally thats full of similar fish, great fun and a lot of staying low and short casts up stream. Using the techniques you showed me with the dry fly I managed 20 on one trip up to about half a pound- a big fish here. But great fun. looks like a cracking spot you have there.

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