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Tweed fish to be returned!

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Some breaking news that the Tweed Commissioners have taken the decision based on the catches so far this season that all salmon caught are to be returned. The reason being that there is considered to be to few spring fish entering the Tweed to populate the redds come spawning time.

This is a sad state of affairs for what is one of our premier Scottish salmon river.  I tend to adopt the view that all wild fish salmon, sea trout, brown trout and grayling should all be returned whenever caught they are much to valuable an asset to be removed.

River Tweed Commisioners press release.

Tweedswood Spey Days with Hardy & Greys Academy

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

We had a great time once again at Tweedswood  for our Spey casting weekend with Hardy & Greys and instructor Ken Muter.  We had a good turn out although we were also affected by the Icelandic volcano we were a pupil down as they were stranded abroad.  Weather conditions were perfect a high over the UK which no doubt was the main reason that a volcanic ash cloud sat above our airports.

Thanks go to Kevin Paterson, ghillie at Tweedswood who always does a great job of making us feel welcome

The format also worked well of using the Sunday for casting coaching and the Monday for fishing and more coaching.  It was a great way also to try Hardy & Greys rods and lines  which certainly impressed

Marion Matthewman

The next course is June 20th and 21st we do have a few places so book early if you want to be sure to be there.

This is what one of our pupils said about us;

“A personal thank you for an excellent weekend of casting in good company.  I can only say that this was the best two days of learning I have experienced, and appreciate all the additional notes and handout hints, plus numerous other mini conversations about fish and fishing which threw up nuggets of information.

A great venue and of course the every helpful ghillie who manages to dot the T’s and keep us in order.  I look forward to joining you on another session sometime this year.”

Tweed plecoptera or stonefly