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Grayling Flies

The Milngavie Fly Dressers got back into action on the 10th January and as it was appropriate and seasonal we spent a couple of hours doing a demonstration of grayling flies.  Kenny Sichi tied a collection of nymphs and Alberto Laidlaw tied a few dry flies.  Here they are:

Cul de Canon

Grayling Steel Blue

Hook:Varivas size 16, Body: Black thread, Wings:Grizzle Hackle Points, Hackle: Grizzle Cock

California Midge






Red Tag

Peeping Caddis

Grizzle Shrimp

Pink Bead Head Nymph












There you go a collection of grayling flies.  The camera lens however shows up your inadequacies, I do not like the red tag much with its tail rolled off the top, I must try harder in future.  Thanks to John Symonds for the photography.

Patterns for a couple of the flies are as follows but whatever do not get bogged down with precise representation feel free to substitute materials

Grizzle Shrimp

Hook: Grubber style hook size 12
Body: Lead foil for weight, dubbed hares ear
Rib: Fine Gold Oval
Hackle: Grizzle palmered
Back: Brown Shrimp foil


Hook: Barbless jig fly size 12 or 14
Body: Hare Line Brown UV or Orvis (purple in colour)
Rib: Red wire
Hackle: CDC natural wound behind bead
Bead: Silver slotted

Pink Bead Head Nymph

Hook: Tiemco 103 BL size 12,14 or 16
Bead : Pink Tungston Bead 2.5 mm
Rib : Red Wire
Body:  Ice Dub UV Shrimp Pink
Back: Magic Shrimp Foil Pearl

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