Milngavie Fly Dressers

I am always amazed how fly fisherman get by without being able to tie flies.  Rolling your own is satisfying and you do not need to be expert at it, it is guaranteed to open up a whole new world for you.  Without a doubt  it is cheaper to buy your flies.  You can end up spending a fortune just for starters.  A vice from £30, scissors and a few other tools another £3o then silks, hackles, dubbing materials the list is endless and you can spend thousands.

We started our club I think a couple of years ago and we now have a couple of dozen regulars.  We sit and makeflies, talk fishing swap and support each other.  There is a beginners corner where you learn basic skills, a river Kelvin group who make up pool names, “the shopping trolley” or the “ST pool”  Sometimes we have guest speakers Paul Proctor and Charles Jardine come to mind.

I guess the most important aspect is that we make new friends and have fun and plan for the season ahead.

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