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Steve Rajeff

I have fallen behind somewhat with my blogging but I plan to catch up in the next couple of weeks.

Last evening I went to watch Steve Rajeff do some casting for Loomis at Willowgate Fishery in Perth.  I figured that I was not likely to get to the Golden Gates Casting Club in California so I had best take the opportunity to watch him in Scotland.  A bit like a golfer going to see Tiger Woods, Steve is at the top of the tree and world distance record holder.  I was not disappointed his casts were fantastic and on talking to him he says that his secret is a really tight back cast which he practiced and practiced.  Other points to note about his casting was a comparatively short stroke, no 170 degrees and perfect tracking with a very upright style.  I plan to practice and get it sorted before the BFCC meet in Glasgow in 2011.


Willowgate is also worth a visit it sits under the motorway bridge in Perth and has café facilities so if you want to break a journey going North call in here.

Steve Rajeff and Andy Murray


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