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Well the Glasgow Casting Club is up and running again it seemed a seamless handover with the fly tiers.  We get on average about 15 guys turning up every Thursday evening at Knightswood pond both single handed and double.  There are always guys around to help with both disciplines and if you have any specific issues someone will have an answer for you.  It also a good place to try out rods and lines there is always likely to be someone has got what you would like.

knightswood Lake

The latest with the group is that we have had an approach from the BFCC to possibly run an event in Scotland in late 2011 which would be great if we can make it happen.

Reading their home page and their objectives it would appear that we share similar aims and objectives the first being :

To provide a sociable Club environment where casters of any ability can maximise their potential, whether it be to better understand tackle, catch more fish, or to cast a long way.

Four of us are off the Wales in a couple of weeks to join up with them and see what they do.

Coaching is still very active with a few workshops recently on the Clyde where it was bitterly cold but we did catch fish.  I have also had a number of 1-2-1 sessions with fishing and casting, fishing on the Lake and casting on the Clyde a great spot just above the m74 at Bothwell and what a great spot it was.

I am off to Nottingham this weekend as part of my coach educator program for the Angling Development Board running UKCC First4Sport Level 1’s and 2’s not sure why I have done it, but now that I am this far with it I need to complete .  Maybe get to fish this weekend just on my own.

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