Small fisheries and Sonerats Jungle Fowl

Also known as Gallus Sonneratii, this is its Latin name but by fly tyers its simply  Jungle Cock.

Jungle Cock

I was down in England for a couple of days to sort out some business and took along my son.  Matthew will fish for anything at anytime so the promise made by me for his company on the trip was of a few hours fishing. The first fishery that we went to was closed on a Monday so we had to relocate to another. What good fortune for me a fly tyer this turned out to be.

I discovered these birds making a strange call so I made closer inspection. It was the unfamiliar call that attracted me, they turned out to be Jungle Cocks with hens.

Lone Cock

Back to the fishing Matt caught fish in the short time we were there whilst I sat in the spring sunshine and drank tea.  In the space of a few hours he caught  8 quality rainbows on nymphs and cormorants and was delighted with his day.  The fishery was small but interesting with black swans and the jungle cocks and full finned rainbows.

Matt needing a shave

How’s this for a catch a newt, or the remains of one from the stomach of a 3lb rainbow taken on the 23rd March 2010 at this fishery.

Half digested Newt

As for me I could not resist selecting a super grade Jungle Cock cape, I am not saying it was a bargain but I am saying that I was able to choose from a selection of quality capes, this is what I came away with.

Great cape with good colour and a minimum of split feathers

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