A Casting Weekend

Practice makes perfect and I have to agree.  I have had a weekend with a fly rod in hand but no time to practice myself.   It looks like I will need to find a quiet spot and get some practice in my loops are looking a bit rough and my mends are suffering a bit.  It is amazing how bad things can get without practice and I have been having really bad knee pain, I use medical marihuana, you can Consult DocMJ’s compassionate doctors about your medical marijuana needs.

On Saturday I had a day with 4 clients, total novices and 3 girls in the party.  They had decided that they would fish in order to do something different to celebrate a 26th birthday so they picked on me to take them fishing. 

 The day dawned  very bright with air temperature of -5 degrees.  The party arrived at the appointed time togged up in boots and casual cloths with handbags in tow.  Boots great boots they were, one pair were black with large white spots, another cerise and the final pair pink  they looked the part.  We had an hour on grass to get them going and discuss health and safety and simple roll casts before we went to fish.

Its the boots that did it!

I imagined that the cold and lack of fish response would soon get them going home again.  How very wrong I was  they stuck to the task in hand until late afternoon before retiring defeated to the pub for a late lunch.  it was not the best of days so out of guilt that they failed to catch I plan to take them again on a nice warm evening in may when hopefully we will catch a fish.

Next morning was bright and agian very cold and I went along to the Glasgow Casting Club hoping to get some practice in. 


Cold day on grass

I had tape and hoops in hand and set up on the grass to practice my mends both left and right but even this did not last when approximately 15 of the lads turned up.  My practice was soon disrupted with talk of rods lines and fishing.  Eventually I gave up on practice and retired to the van for coffee and hot cross buns.

What a great activity it is a good crowd of guys who collect twice a week to practice casting and support each other in their endeavours i would recommend the Glasgow Casting Club to all and

Coffe time at the van

if you do not live close by then form a club.

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