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Sixth Finger Scissors

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

I was looking for some razor sharp scissors for my fly tying.  I tried out several makes but struggled with them all, then a friend handed me a pair of sixth finger scissors from a business called  A quick search on the Internet revealed a company in California, these were the very ones and at only $20 which when I calculated the exchange rate made the price competitive.  So I went for it and today they arrived, within a week.

They are meant to be kept in the hand whilst tying hence the name, I am not certain that this will work for me but I will give it a go.  As the photos show they are a nice design with very fine sharp points ideal for those fine intricate cuts.  Not sure how they will last but they look and feel robust so I guess they will stand the test of time.

These scissors will have a place on my fly tying bench and I recommend them if you are looking for very fine sharp blades.